Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bye Marcus!

These pictures were taken during Marcus's leaving party. They were all taken with my rather lousy phone camera so bare with me on the blurry pictures!

Steven! That's my job!

Far away look...

Hey! You're not in our class! And that's my chicken!


Heather thinks! I don't believe it!
Hey! You're not in our class either!
Now for the clean up!

Bye Marcus!

Good as new! Nobody look under the desk...

What are you doing down there?

Marcus, you look a bit terrified.

Bye Marcus have a good time!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Irritated beyond belief

I am really annoyed, irritated and frustrated right now.

No.1: I left my hard drive in England which has all my photos and stuff on it.
No.2: I have no camera to take photos with.
No.3: I am back from a brilliant holiday to a comparatively mundane existence in Brunei till I return to (whoopee) school.
No.4: I miss my family back in England, I went from being with about 15 people to being in a house with 3.

Ah well. I'll just have to deal with it. I'll live.

I promise to post more when I get my hard drive back. Whenever that will be. < :-)


Friday, August 15, 2008

Italy - Part 4 - The Barbecue

 When we were in Italy, we had a barbecue, it was absolutely excellent.

The best chicken I have ever had in my life! Ever!

Louis with his eyes closed in the picture... as usual.

The remnants. The delicious remnants.
My uncle's speciality, barbecued banana!
Barbecued banana with yoghurt.
Best barbecue ever!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Italy - Part 3 - The Waterpark (or Aqualand)

 On the first day of my visit to Italy we went to Aqualand Waterpark in Milan (and on the way saw the stadium where AC Milan play) with my two little cousins, Georgio and Louis plus my Uncle, their father, Mark.

After being completely freaked out by this picture Louis took (yes, I know, he took a LOT)...

...and helping Felix "go walkies" (Louis took this one too!)...
...we set off to have lunch in a little cafe in the village...

 While waiting for the food I got a picture of some funny...

...and scary faces by Louis!

Giorgio, instead of making faces at me, went for a ride on his bike.

After lunch we arrived at the waterpark...

And went on rides!

Giorgio and me going on the tyre rapids.

If you look carefully, you can see a figure on the right slide coming down in abject terror!

I also went on this one, don't believe me? I have video!

I also went on this one!

But finally it was time to go...
I had a great time!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Italy - Part 2 - Family

 I thought since I am going to be posing a lot of pictures I took on holiday, it would be good to make things a little less confusing and do a post on my family.

These are two of my cousins, Giorgio on the right, Louis (pronounced Loo-ee) on the left.

Giorgio after seeing Kung-Fu Panda.
My cousin Felix, Giorgio and Louis brother.

My grandmother!

And Louis again!


Italy - Part 1 - The Journey


As you know, I have been in Italy since last Wednesday, I've had loads of fun and will be blogging about it over the next few hours.

This post is bout the journey I had to Italy.

Checking in with RYANAIR. Note the Windows error message on the screen beside it.

My view of the seat in front of me. Note that they were too cheap to provide an emergency procedures booklet, but provided a cheap sticker.

I like this one. What is that meant to mean? Put on a life jacket then do the chicken dance while spinning around?

Note my leg jammed right up against the chair in front.

How cheap can you get?! Advertisements everywhere! Even on the radio! "It's your chance to be a millionaire with Ryanair!" SHUT UP!

And finally my first picture I took in Italy, a picture of my cousin Louis!


I'm Back!

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry I didn't post earlier today but I only woke up at 12 but now, after brunch and a shower and feeding the fish, I am ready to post. I think I will post in parts, so Italy - Part 1 and stuff. So... I'll post in a few minutes! Bye!